The Power of Followers

“Creating leaders of tomorrow.”  When one talks about education, it is hard not to hear the word “leader,” either in schools’ mission statements or the vision of internationally reclaimed curriculums. While leaders are definitely important, especially in a world that is still battling with the same problems as fifty years ago, with democracy versus everything else, global warming, and the battle between right to individual moral codes versus universal human rights.

However, what the educational sector sometimes fails to cater to are the non-leaders. Why do people who are not leaders given such a negative meaning, just like introverts?  Is it not true that many leaders, even if they started off their path to leadership, have become corrupt and stayed corrupt when they reached the top? Are those that naturally do not want the added pressure of handling dates, people, and organizations somehow lesser than those that are?

We need to cultivate a world where students can grow into different niches.  Take care of the shy as well as the extroverted. Take care of those who seem the most detached from group work as well as praising the leaders. Sometimes, those people are the ones who come up with the most thought-provoking ideas.

If we were all leaders there will be no one to lead.




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