Music Corner December

As Christmas edges around, and some college-hopefuls hear from their first choice schools (of which I am one of them!) there are many events to celebrate; if not for college acceptance, than for Christmas and the start of the new year. 

Musically, with new 2013 pop mashups popping up before the year ends, and with Christmas themed songs coming out once again, it’s time to pay tribute to the best and deepest of this year. Below are a few songs, depending on your mood. 


1) Andrew Belle-Pieces

2) Ed Sheeran – I see fire

Determined (for those nights you simply need a pick-me-up):

1) Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train 

2) Kina Grannis – Stay the Night 

3) Timber and Counting Stars (Pitbull ft. Keisha and OneRepublic) mashup by Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui 

Note: Two  very inspirational (in the sense that its melody makes you feel as if you can do anything in the world), very upbeat songs, all in one. How can this get any better?

Calm/Relaxed :

1) Danthology – Pop Danthology 2013

2) Bastille – Of the Night


Little Dragon – Twice

Note: This song has such a unique melody to it, drawing from Asian influences and yet still retaining a unique blend of East versus West. Usually, I find fusion music pleasant, but not pleasant and addicting enough to listen to over and over, but this piece simply catches you and never lets you go. 

Which other songs should be celebrated as breakthroughs for this year? Add to the comments below 🙂



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