The Line between thoughts and words

Before I knew what welfare, corruption, and the “war against terrorism” was, the word was simple. There were simply the topics you talk about, and those you didn’t, simple invisible rules that everyone abided by.

However, coming into high school, meeting outspoken and opinionated people advocating for what they believed, the rules became blurred. For most of my life, I had hid behind these invisible rules, that children  and teenagers should not speak on such adult topics in which they supposedly have no experience in, that controversial topics such as religion and the Middle East war, should be avoided if our opinions are different from the well-accepted view.

And it is easy to see why. One could be accused of racism, elitism, hypocriticism,  and countless other “isms,” and it is easy, and comfortable, to simply agree with what everyone else is saying, blend into the background.

But in this world, we will never win; there will always be a demographic out there with different values who think . I do not wish to exert any of my beliefs and my values on anyone; we all have a right to think and speak what we want. Then again, what we speak may hurt others, even if that was not our intention.

I am still trying to balance the line between hiding my thoughts and speaking out; to speak or not to speak, that is the question.  What are your thoughts?


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