Unforget: Excerpt II

Hello everyone!

I have been working on my first draft manuscript for a book Unforget, of which you can preview the first excerpt here. Comment below on what you think/are intrigued about/have questions, and I will be happy to respond!

In the near future, ten thousand people came out of hiding, the sole survivors of a barbaric strand of the common cold called the Coma, and re-inhabited the world now known as “Erth.” One hundred years later, human civilization has partially rebuilt; a civilization where being disease-free was the centre of all economies and the rich could buy immunity to disease. Larisse McKenley is one of the most promising aspiring actresses in the wealthiest part of town, where disease has entirely been eradicated. When Larisse wins a contract with one of the most prestigious film institutions, the government-funded Erth Productions, she uncovers a world full of the remnants of pre-Coma humans,  and realizes that the very diseases which have been labelled as “history,” and human extinction itself, may have not been as far in the past as she had thought.

Sometimes the best intentions can cause the most disastrous results.



Larisse was lying backside on a hard, scratchy surface, looking up a high metal dome, with a sliver of glass that showed the stars and constellations beyond. Her head rested on something warm, organic, a lap?

Sitting up, she slipped a little, strong arms encircling her to prevent her from falling. They were on a branch of a metal tree. “You should be a little more careful Lyssa.” A very familiar voice drifted behind her, his warm breath on her neck.

“Oh really?” The words flowed out of her mouth, her mouth curling up into a mocking smile and her hands coming up in a dramatic gesture. She wasn’t controlling this body.


She sat up straight, now turning towards him. The boy in front of her had golden curls and black eyes, with a monochrome gray tunic and pants. It was Adrian.  Looking down, she was wearing a similar grey shirt and pants.

“Do you reckon….?” She trailed off, smiling thoughtfully.


“Never mind, it’s a cheesy question.”

‘You always do this.”

“Oh, Peter, and you’re not one?”

He stared at her defiantly, before clasping her hands with his.

“Just tell me.”

Below them, the wind blew the cold around their bare toes. “Even if you and I were of different names, in different lives, do you think you’d still remember me?”

Peter responded almost immediately. “Even if we were but birds, we’d find each other, somehow, and I’ll fall in love with you all over again. Every time.”

Larisse could feel herself, this younger self from this memory, blush, but she wasn’t sure if she herself was blushing in her own body in the shack as well. Her body leaned in, her hands entangling into Peter’s neck, and their lips met.

He scooted closer to her, pulling her deeper into the kiss with his hand on the small of her back. And still the wind blew around them.

He hesitated. “We shouldn’t do this. It’s illegal.”

They looked briefly to the lights in the horizon, the camp. Ten rows of metal barracks, five on one side of an electrical wall of wires and metal, and five on the other.

“It’s okay. It’s after curfew. They won’t catch us. And the rebellion will protect us.” She pulled him towards her again, but remembered something.

His eyes wandered off, before he took something out of his shirt pocket. It was a necklace, little red and green stones glittering even in the dark between the white silver that held them together, a little heart pendant laced with memories. “I got this for you from the gem maker. So you can remember me.”

He slowly placed it around her neck, the chain cold against her skin, before fastening it.

“You didn’t have to…” She looked down at the glittering pedant, and then at Peter’s expectant face, a small smile that seemed to hint of numerous daydreams about her with the necklace on his lips.

“I wanted to.”  He shrugged, looking away, the smile still lingering.

She hugged him tightly, trying to remember that smile, those deep blue eyes, the way he shank when he was embarrassed, huddling into his frame. “Thank you.”

After staying in that position for a few seconds, she slowly drew back.

“Come with me.”

He met her eyes. “I can’t.”

She knew why he couldn’t, with his fear of the unknown, his parents’ disappearance after they had gone out through the iron gateway. The cracks were still apparent, underneath his almost translucent, sunless skin. He was too damaged to change, and yet she was too changed, too curious, too much of everything that he could not be a part of.

And yet she could not force herself to walk out of his life.

She looked around warily. “Would you rather live this dead life, or be free?”


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