Forgetting Beauty

Music is something that is inherently part of us, it frees the mind, gives it a place to roam and escape. Plug in your earphones, and plug the world away. These past few weeks, with mock exams and the stress of graduating, music has been my primary way to escape a routine of late nights, milk tea (no coffee), and piles upon piles of textbooks. 

It is easy to forget beauty in a world where everything seems arbitrary, pointless, in a society where success is defined by how many digits you have in your paycheck and what your name brings (or does not bring) to mind.  It is easy to forget about nature, those almost surreal moments staring at the depth in dewdrops and admire the beauty in emotions, in sadness. But we need to hang on to beauty, keep searching for perfection, to inspiration. 

Singing to me is that search. This is the first cover I have tried acoustic-wise, and it is on a song called “Bonfire Heart” by James Blunt, slowed down, made more fragile, more delicate, more sentimental. 




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