To The International Students of the Class of 2018

College, or rather, getting in to college, can seem to be a stressful time, coming from a senior who has just received her college results. Numerous times, I’ve tried to search online for little columns about tips and advice (from international students) to others, and what I’ve found is that there is still a lack of posts on the utter randomness of the process for international students.

So you got a rejection or waitlist letter from schools you were so sure you were going to get into. I know I certainly did. However, the more I thought about it, the more it dawned to me that the process does not define us, us the prospective students of future generations.


1) CommonApp

Especially in 2014, there were many glitches in CommonApp, meaning that your application may not have been fully sent, or applications may have been mixed up, which can affect your chances.

2) Your status as an International Student

Looking at the acceptance rate of schools, there are so many generalities made in that acceptance rate. It doesn’t distinguish the rate of those for internationals versus domestic; many times, the acceptance rate for international students are much, much lower. And yes, I know it can be unfair. We as international students do not choose where we were born, but we cannot change that, so it’s time to move on.

3) What a college looks for

Now I’m no college admissions officer, but I’ve heard from sources that colleges look for a well-rounded class and school, meaning if they see that there’s a lack of creative writers in the school, they may have a slight preference for creative writing.

So yes, especially for us international students, it can be disheartening, it can be depressing. We can start to question ourselves, our worth. But we are more than our colleges. There are certain things we cannot change, college denials, heart breaks, the culture you were born in and your nationality of birth. And so start looking to the future, instead of living in the past and the world of “what could haves.”  . 

-A fellow senior


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